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Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to agreements entered with:

Miklagard Group LLC

CVR: 40780068

Nannasgade 28, DK-2200

When you as a customer (hereafter referred to as the Customer) enter into a contract or agreement with Miklagard Group LLC (hereafter referred to as the Company) in relation to digital marketing, consulting, consultancy or other services (hereafter referred to as the Performance or variations thereof), this is done in accordance with the following terms and conditions, unless otherwise explicitly agreed between the parties.

If certain terms of a specific agreement deviate from these terms, the remaining terms will continue to apply.

1. General

1.1.These standard terms and conditions apply to all deliveries from the Company.

1.2 The standard conditions, together with other written material, form the contract basis for all projects at the Company.

1.3 The standard conditions apply only to projects by/from the Company and therefore not to any third party deliveries.

1.4 The standard terms and conditions apply to both major and minor assignments registered orally, by telephone or by e-mail, although these are not directly referenced by the standard terms.

1.5 The Company enters into work according to fixed-price payment and hourly payment. Where nothing else appears, the agreement is hourly. That means billing per. consumed time.

1.6 Unless otherwise stated, the binding period for new projects is 6 months. Thereafter, through ongoing, permanent partnerships, the Company has the right to terminate the cooperation with one month’s notice.

1.7 If the Customer terminates the cooperation during the binding period, the Customer is obliged to pay for work done or at least 80% of the price of the agreed work for the full binding period.

2. Agreement

2.1. Agreement on the purchase of Services by the Company is considered binding when the Customer has received confirmation of the terms of the agreement, cf. 1.4 and below.

2.2. Confirmation of the terms of the agreement in relation to the purchase of Services between the parties will be sent to the Customer as soon as possible after dialogue thereof. Reasonable changes to the agreement must be notified to the Company within 24 hours of receipt of this confirmation. The customer does not have the opportunity to undo the conclusion of the agreement, cf. 3.

2.3. The Company does not offer any right of cancellation as the Services are custom made according to the Customer’s requirements, wishes and needs.

2.4. The Company is not responsible for the Customer’s possible errors. Purchase of Services. If the Customer has provided incorrect information or requirements, the Company cannot be subject to the implementation of changes, corrections, etc.

3. Delivery

3.1 Delivery of Services is done digitally (online).

3.2. If the Customer wishes delivery in another way, this must be clearly stated — confirmation of the terms of the agreement, possibly against additional remuneration. In cases where special delivery entails a surcharge, the Customer is informed of this in connection with the conclusion of the agreement.

3.3. If the delivery time (hereinafter the deadline) is not agreed between the Company and the Customer, the Company shall, in its sole discretion, set an appropriate deadline.

4. Performance

4.1. Benefits purchased by the Company are, as a rule, unique, unless this is naturally not possible. Employees of the Company reserve the right to refuse orders that violate the general copyright and usage provisions contained in Danish and international law.

4.2. If the Customer puts forward a margin for the scope of the Service, the Company reserves the right to determine this without delay in its sole discretion. If no margin is agreed for the Service, the Company also sets the margin.

4.3. If the Customer wishes to procure more Services, these will be delivered as a single unit.

5. Rates and Payments

5.1. Requests for payment are usually made in connection with the delivery of the agreed Service. However, the Company may choose to claim payment for all ongoing tasks in connection with the end of the calendar month in which the work has begun.

5.2. If the Customer requests changes or additions to the Service after delivery, the due date is not postponed.

5.3. It is the Customer’s sole duty to keep abreast of the requirement.

5.4. If the Customer defaults on his payment obligations by not paying by the due date, the Company reserves the right to charge interest, an interest of 7% per annum, and submit a remuneration fee of DKK 100. Corporate customers may also be charged a compensation amount of DKK 300.

5.5. The Company may, if deemed necessary, require advance payment to ensure the Customer’s ability to pay.

5.6. The company reserves the right to annually adjust the agreed remuneration in accordance with the net price index, but always at least 3%.

5.7 The Company invoices according to the standard hourly rate and according to elapsed time, in terms of minor tasks, unless otherwise stated. A minor task occurs when there is no fixed price for the project.

5.8 The Company operates at the standard hourly rate. DKK 900 / hour for work of any kind.

5.9 Time spent on transport, meetings, and related expenses is not invoiced independently but is part of fixed agreements based on a reasonable consideration.

5.10 Prices quoted by correspondence or on the website are exclusive of VAT.

6. Confidentiality & references

6.1 The Company undertakes not to disclose confidential information to third parties in connection with the execution of specific projects and other cooperation.

6.2 The Company has the right to disclose the Customer and the project for marketing purposes as a finished customer as a reference.

7. Satisfaction

7.1. If the Customer does not believe that the Service meets the agreed quality or quantity, the Customer must object within 3 days of delivery. After the stated objection deadline, the Service is considered accepted, and the Customer can then not submit any further objections to the Company.

7.2. The Company reserves the right not to be required to make corrections or changes that may be deemed unreasonable or incur disproportionate costs or time spent on the price level of the particular assignment. This assessment is made by the Company.

7.3. In the event of major changes, the Customer is entitled to a reduction in price only if the Service delivered differs significantly from the agreed and the Company may reasonably expect this. This assessment is made by the Company.

8. Copyright and rights of use

8.1. As soon as the Customer has paid for his Services with the Company, the Customer obtains unlimited copyright and use rights for these.

8.2. If the Customer fails to pay within the due date specified on the invoice, or the Customer fails to pay the invoiced price in full, the Customer does not obtain copyright or use rights for the delivered Service until the original invoice, and the associated costs have been paid.

8.3. If the Customer makes use of the Service without having obtained the copyright and usage rights, this is regarded as a violation of the Company’s copyright, and the Customer will be met with a claim for damages.

8.4. The Customer cannot undo his purchase by failing to pay, cf. also paragraph 2, pt. 3.

9. Data Security and Management

9.1. The Company undertakes to treat the Customer’s data confidentially and with discretion.

9.2. The Company acts solely on the instructions of the Customer in relation to handling his data. In this connection, the Company undertakes to take the necessary technical and organizational security measures against information being accidentally or illegally destroyed, forfeited or impaired, and against being brought to the attention of unauthorized persons, abused or otherwise treated in contravention of the Personal Data Processing Act.

9.3. The Company undertakes, at the Customer’s request, to provide the Customer with sufficient information to enable it to check that the technical and organizational security measures mentioned have been taken.

9.4. The Company undertakes to retain Customer Services as a backup for 90 days, after which the files are removed.

10. Special Terms and Conditions retainer schemes

10.1. By agreement on the purchase of a retainer, the Customer undertakes to pay for all hours in advance.

10.2. The time consumption is estimated per started half an hour equal to one clip.

10.3. Unused hours are non-refundable and expire 1.5 years after the invoice date.

11. Special Terms and Conditions linkbuilding

11.1 The Company disclaims any responsibility for any broken links resulting from discontinued domains or new third party internal policies. In addition, the Company will not replace the broken links or refund any amounts paid by the Customer.

12. Force Majeure

12.1. The Company is not responsible for any damages or defects in the execution of the project due to force majeure or similar circumstances. The Company is thus exempt from liability to the Customer if the Company is prevented from fulfilling its obligations under the agreement due to circumstances beyond which the Company has no control over and which the Company could not reasonably be expected to have foreseen at the time of the agreement.

13. Customer Complaint

13.1. If the Customer wishes to complain about a purchase made by the Company, you as a consumer have access to complain through the European online complaint portal (ODR).