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Small and large businesses require individual marketing solutions. We know that at Miklagard. Therefore, we have designed all our solutions to be tailor-made so that they can be optimized to meet your particular business – regardless of your size and needs.

It’s one thing to find a competent online marketing partner that can take your online marketing to the next level. But it’s an entirely different thing to find an online marketing partner that fully understands that – specific needs require specific solutions.

At Miklagard, that’s what we do. We have, therefore, designed our solutions based on the idea that competent help can always be provided – regardless of the size of the task or company. We have split our solutions into three different categories, products, programs, and partnerships, and these three options give you the freedom to put together the precise solution that you want.

With our product option, you get to choose the individual elements that interest you. To us, this is important – why pay for services that you do not require. At Miklaárd, you can simply focus on the exact marketing channels that make sense for you, and we’ll take care of the rest.

We find that it makes good sense for both small and large companies to adapt their marketing projects as required. Being a small business with a monthly reserved budget, you can significantly optimize your online marketing by carefully selecting the channels that are relevant to your particular business. Even if you are a large company, it can be beneficial to select specific marketing channels to include in your overall solution. Hence, you can ensure that you activate all the digital channels that are relevant for you while ensuring that you gain a more significant online presence across different digital platforms.

If you are looking for a comprehensive online marketing solution, one of our 5 bespoke programs can be a good starting point. Here we have created 5 different programs, each focused on a separate area of your online marketing scheme. As with all our other solutions, the 5 program solution can also be adjusted and adapted in accordance with your individual needs. You can add and remove products to end up with a solution that is tailored to your ambitions, requirements, and goals.

Finally, with our partnership, you can enter into a collaboration with Miklagaard, where we can take care of all your company requirements from SEO, Ads to overall digital activities. A partnership is designed so that the solution is adaptable and scalable with the company’s development. For example, you decide the pace of your SEO activity growth, regardless of your company’s present size. The partnership also allows you to add or remove any elements according to your marketing requirements.

No matter which solution you choose with us, you always have the opportunity to customize the solution to meet your individual marketing needs.

This applies not only at the start but also during the process – Miklagård always provides the opportunity to adapt the solution to your development and ambitions. Contact Miklagard today, and we will find the optimal online marketing solution for your company.

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