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Stand out from the crowd: Miklagárd develops innovative, engaging, and unique web solutions. We ensure that visitors to your website get a superior user-friendly experience from start to finish.

We provide everything from small task solutions, standard solutions to more extensive complex solutions that require alternative approaches. Our skilled team of IT developers is experienced in working with the most common CM-systems (CMS), as well as PHP, Laravel, and Node.js, which means that no task is too complex to be solved with us.

We use the leading CMSs in the industry.

At Miklagard, we never compromise on quality – even when it comes to implementing market standards. That’s why we work exclusively with the best CMS systems on the market, to ensure you get the best possible solution every time. Despite being standard solutions, our CMS systems allow for a wide range of functions and customizations. This means that you can look forward to a customized solution that meets your needs and expectations no matter which of our CMS you choose.

Standard solutions intended for individual needs.

Using CMS systems such as WordPress, Squarespace, Drupal, and Umbraco, we develop today’s best-standardized solutions. The benefits of using these CMS systems are evident – despite the lower cost of using a standardized CMS system, you still have endless opportunities to create individual solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Squarespace, Drupal, Umbraco, and WordPress are module-based, and they all have access to a wealth of features and graphical tools. This means that with a CMS expert from Miklagard on the team, you can achieve a high degree of distinctiveness and individuality with a standard product, and even more importantly, it allows you to create a user experience that perfectly matches your ambitions. A standardized solution is no longer a limitation to developing your business potential – at least not when you let Miklagard do the job.

Get individual solutions in PHP, Laravel and Node.js

Sometimes a standardized solution isn’t enough. If you need a complex solution out of the ordinary, Miklagard can help you make your technical dreams come true. We develop both small and large personalized solutions in PHP, Laravel, and Node.js. We are here from start to finish, and we help with everything from sketching and design to agile development and implementation of the complete solution. Of course, we consider the other solutions already in place; hence we make sure that your new solution works flawlessly with the rest of your systems.

Our competent development team consists of front-end and back-end developers who operate together to ensure that you get a one-piece solution that works both in front and behind the scenes. Everything is planned and adjusted based on your individual needs, and with Miklagaard as a development partner, it is only your imagination that sets the boundaries for your ultimate solution.

Development of integrations

Avoid manual processes; instead, get your systems to work together seamlessly. At Miklagard, we specialize in developing integrations that link your various systems together to remove manual workflows and create synergies. By describing your manual processes for Miklagárd, we can identify possible optimization potentials that can be solved through smart integrations.

Integration, bots, and automation possibilities are limitless. Whether they are salary systems, accounting programs, CRM systems, chat services, shipping management systems, or others, there is often a potential for significant savings using smart integrations. Tailored made integrations can effectively stop manual and resource-exhausting workflows between systems. Let Miklagard help you find potential savings to avoid wasting unnecessary time on outdated workflows. Instead, we provide top-tune integrations that enhance the overall efficiency of your business.

Danish developers who create global solutions.

Miklagard’s development team consists exclusively of Danish developers. We prefer to work together face to face as we work with your solutions; we believe in a more robust task solution when our developers are working side by side.

However, our local approach to our developer team does not mean that we cannot provide global solutions. On the contrary, with Miklagard as a partner, you can look forward to a team that utilizes global trends to create excellent solutions that prevail at both the local and global levels. We are therefore prepared to fulfil your online ambitions no matter how far they stretch.

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