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Digital Marketing in the Age of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Facial Recognition

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence in Sci-fi movies is portrayed as synthetic consciousnesses at the edge of human ingenuity. Today whenever, we hear the word AI our minds automatically trigger ideas of movies such as iRobot, I Am Mother and Ghost in the Shell. Where we perceive AI as a distant idea far from our everyday reality. However, … Read more

Coronavirus: Depletes supplies and hikes prices of consumer electronics

China production capacity decreases

The economic and human cost of the coronavirus outbreak is escalating globally and not only in China. See the international progression of the coronavirus on this interactive map by John Hopkins University. The damage itself, to a large extent, is not due to the virus itself but rather to the prohibitive efforts to contain it. … Read more

How can your business survive through the uncertainty of COVID-19

Coronavirus, Covid-19

As countries and communities across the globe respond to COVID-19 (coronavirus), we are aware that this time generates unprecedented challenges for all types of businesses. Here are some essential recommendations for both your employees and customers to help you navigate these times. For the most updated international information and guidelines on COVID-19 you can keep … Read more

What is KPI? Get help identifying your KPI’s

KPI - Key Performance Indicators

KPI or Key Performance Indicator, you’ve probably already heard of them. Your Key Performance Indicators illustrate your company’s efficiency at meeting its objectives and aims. In this blog, we will show you how to select effective KPI’s that match your business goals. KPI stands for Key Performance Indicators KPI stands for Key Performance Indicators and … Read more

Google is criticized for the new design: Organic search results and ads look too similar

According to critics, Google’s search function can be misleading when it’s hard to distinguish between organic search results and ads. According to Google, this must be corrected. It can be hard to tell the difference between organic search results and paid ads when doing a Google search as a regular user. The criticism comes in … Read more

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