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SEO have evolved. Miklagárd can help.

Miklagárd is a technology company that builds digital solutions for the internet. Businesses of every size – from new startups to public companies – use our services to grow and rank online, and have a high search presence and visibility online.

One-stop Digital Marketing Agency.

Your company is unique and requires a custom tailored digital marketing solution. Miklagárd is for you if you are looking for a one-stop shop for digital solutions.

Miklagárd have in-house and external experts within:

  • SEO
  • Web Marketing & Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing & Automation
  • Pay-Per-Click Marketing

We work with leading creators and business with the following markets:

B2C & B2B Marketplaces.

Marketplaces connect consumers with what they want: coaching, services, accommodation, and more. Your website should rank the same high standards as your product experience: with the right program, Miklagárd helps online visitors on your marketplace get to your website.

Ecommerce & Retail

Miklagárd provides everything you need to convert leads and visitors to converting customers via your websites ecommerce business solution.

Nonprofits & Fundraising

SEO and social media are helping fundraisers reach more supporters more efficiently. Leverage the right program from Miklagárd to make it easy for those supporters to get and give to a great cause.

Customize your own program

We have put together 5 unique digital marketing packages, each serving a special purpose. We have listed them below in separate topics, but we can customize any package to service your business needs.

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