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Let the specialists plan and execute your online goals and ambitions. Miklagard’s team is made up of the industry’s best in digital marketing, web development, and IT and cloud solutions. Our products include everything from PPC, SEO to web development, and hosting. All our products are designed to optimize your online business. In other words, Miklagard is your fastest route to increase your traffic, your customers, and online conversion rates.

Select only the products that you need.

At Miklagard, all our products are sorted into different categories, so you can get to choose precisely the products that are relevant for you and your website. We think this is common sense – why should you pay for something you don’t need.

Instead, our product range allows you to select one or more products that suit your specific needs. Moreover, you can customize each product individually to get a comprehensive solution that suits your ambitions and budget. We will be there from the very beginning of the process to ensure that together we find precisely the solution that gives the most value for you and your website.

Who are Miklagard’s products for?

Miklagard’s customers include everyone from individuals who want to increase their online presence, to small and large businesses who want to optimize their digital marketing and grow their online sales. We help both webshop owners, website owners, small and large companies as well as individuals to make the most of their online potential.

Why buy products from Miklagard?

When you buy one or more products from Miklagard, you will be getting an online partner with years of experience on your team. We help you with creating a plan, making it targeted, and even with executing your online digital marketing strategies, and together we can ensure that your website is reaching its full potential. At Miklagàrd, you are not just buying a product – you are purchasing the know-how, advice, and execution from the industry’s best in digital marketing, web development, and IT and Cloud solutions.

Product overview

At Miklagard, we offer a wide range of products to cover various areas of the digital marketing landscape. Collectively all our products have a single goal – to fulfil your online ambitions. Below you can see a small selection of a long list of the products we offer.

PPC (Google Ads)

Stop wasting budget on campaigns that aren’t working. At Miklagård, we make sure that your Ad campaigns are planned based on the keywords and phrases that get the most ROI and are tailored around your budget. Our Google certified experts optimize campaigns that focus on both the top and bottom line so that you get the most out of your campaigns.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

The contest for the top ranks on Google search is fierce. Miklagard helps you get to the top with selected keywords that deliver the most significant traffic to your website. Here we are, from start to finish, with keyword analysis, content strategies, technical SEO, outreach and all things related to SEO, so that you not only reach the top positions but also stay at the top. You can also check out our partnerships if you want to put a turbo on the rocket that takes you to the top of Google.

Read more about search engine optimization (SEO).

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other social media are more than just fun selfies and holiday pictures – they are effective marketing platforms – sales platforms – that with the right effort can increase both visibility and sales to your website. At Miklagaard, we are ready to help you grow your brand’s visibility through creative and effective social media campaigns.


Get exposure where your potential customers are online. With display advertising, you are visible on third party websites. At Miklagárd, we make sure that your display advertisements are optimized and targeted on the media that your potential customers visit. It creates increased visibility – and increased sales.

E-mail marketing

Every minute roughly 86 million emails are sent worldwide. Email marketing is an effective method for generating valuable leads if used correctly. At Miklagárd, we ensure that your email campaigns reach inboxes with engaging messages that generate new leads and increase sales to your business. The point is not to increase visitors, but to attract the right visitors.

App Store

Ranking at the top in the App Store is the ultimate success recipe for your app. Using a data-driven approach to App Store Optimization (ASO), Miklagard increases your App Store visibility, resulting in more downloads, users, and revenue.


Create dynamic and engaging video content on your website and your marketing campaigns. At Miklagard, we help you plan and produce video content that attracts more visitors to your website and delivers higher CTR on your digital campaigns.

Web development

We provide solutions for tomorrow’s digital pioneers. This also applies to web development. Whether you need a new website, new modules, or just customizing existing pages, our development team is ready to help – always based on user experiences and your underlying business model.

IT & Cloud

Get a stable and secure operation without unnecessary failures. With a guaranteed 99.9% uptime, continuous monitoring, and ongoing support, you will avoid losing revenue due to your website being inaccessible. At Miklagård, you and your website will always be at the centre – even behind the scenes – we will always ensure that you are online.

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