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At Miklagard, we have affordable marketing prices that everyone can manage. Here on this page, you can read a little more about what it would cost to hire Miklagard resources as your online marketing specialist – for a shorter or longer period, or collaborate with Miklagard on a single product, a tailor-made program or a comprehensive 360-degree partnership.

Are you ready to lift your bottom lines with us?

Below is an overview of our pricing schemes for 1. hourly rates, retainers, and fixed offers, and 2. product, program, and partnership.

1. Hourly rate, retainers, and fixed offers

There aren’t many in the industry that are transparent about their prices; well, this is something that we want to change! Here you will find the standard rates that we at Miklagard operate with when estimating all sorts of tasks that are either on an hourly basis, retainer solution (10, 20, or 30+ hours) or for a limited project.

Hourly rate

Price 120 euro plus VAT

Do you need a marketer, IT specialist, web designer, programmer, or consultant for an hour or two, then this solution is for you. Little tasks can often be done on an hourly basis. Select a retainer or a project for a more extended collaboration.


Price 90-110 euro plus VAT

Retiners can be a great solution if you know that you need help with online marketing on an ongoing basis but would like to cut some costs compared to the standard hourly rate. Save up to 15% with retainers. The more hours you book, the better the hourly rate you get.

Miklagard uses a simple retainer scheme in connection with several online marketing tasks associated with your website, your social media platforms, and other sales platforms. Choose the project for longer cooperation.

Fixed offer

Price 80-120 euro plus VAT

Miklagard has many years of experience in assessing the scope of projects and the number of hours they require. Offers are always binding, so you can rest assured that the project will be delivered at a fixed price. Here you pay for tangible results with a fixed rate.

2. Product, program, or partnership

Keeping your goals always in mind, we can have an informal talk, where we can determine the scope and framework budget for what you are looking for, whether it is an individual service in the form of products, a tailor-made program, or a 360-degree partnership. Next, we from Miklagard will come with a non-binding budget estimate (with any option) so that there are clarity and transparency on what the activities are and their estimated costs.

Price 80-120 euro plus VAT

This way, you can be in control of your marketing costs, get results, and get more value for your money with Miklagard. We will continue to work with you (program and partnership) to improve your results. Our smart technology ensures that your marketing reaches more right customers while preserving your budget. Miklagard goes an extra 100 meters for you and has a 24/7:

  • Focus on conversions with Miklagard
  • Focus on clicks with Miklagard
  • Focus on impressions with Miklagard
  • Focus on views or interactions (video ads) with Miklagard

Read our terms and conditions for more on pricing and payments.

Contact us today for an informal talk and hear more about our prices.

Contact us today for an informal talk and hear more about our prices.

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