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Your business does not fit in one box, and therefore, at Miklagard, we don’t have a smart-instant-package solution. It’s all about your business, your technology, and your customers. In other words, the dialogue is based on your desires for digital business, activating which marketing channels and all about the people in between – who they are, where they are, and what they are looking for online.

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All digital platforms are sales platforms. It’s all about generating sales, attracting new customers, or increasing visitors

Digital platforms are sales platforms

Miklagard is a renowned Danish digital marketing agency that engages 100% while working with our customers. With us, you get to avoid sellers who promise more than they can deliver, and the hustle of working with half-hearted cooperations. We are a one-stop-full-service web agency with marketing specialists for you

Regardless of whether your dreaming of more value for your money, more customers to your business, more visits to your website, or your physical store – Miklagard is your reliable partner. You don’t have to take our word for it, take our customer’s word – see all our success stories.

If you choose Miklagard, one partner will meet all your marketing needs. As a one-stop digital marketing agency, we guarantee all our customers:

Value for Money

Value for your money

Miklagard is not the cheapest on the market, but we guarantee you top value for your money at reasonable rates, the kind that pays for itself again and again.

Tailor Made Solutions

Customized solutions

When you work with us, you do not get ready from-the-shelve solutions. You get a well thought tailored solution that grows your digital platform.


Transparent collaboration

No around-the-bushes talk or service offers that you don’t need. You will get honest advice that you can trust, and that suits your needs.

360° of digital marketing

Miklagard relishes by providing 360° of digital solutions that work in real life. Data-driven solutions create results – our customers get customers.

We are chosen over others for our business understanding, solutions that deliver, and trust-based collaboration.

After all, it’s about trust – something you canøt buy with money. We build our cooperation on trust, and so far, it has been reciprocated every single time.

We know that every customer is different, so when we work with data, its to be relevant even for you

Miklagard connects our customers with new customers through Google

Google agency

We partner with companies that increase their revenue through more online customers and inquiries. We specialize in your success – this is achieved mainly by i.e., Google. We use a wide variety of Google tools in our daily lives, from Google search engine optimization (SEO), Google Ads (Adwords), Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and more. As a Danish Google partner agency, as our speciality, we create success for your company.

Prices on marketing, websites, SEO, Google

In Miklagard we take care of your business as if it was our own; this ensures good and long cooperation where all parties are pleased. With us, you are not just another number in the queue of an agency, but our own brand case.

No hidden prices, mysterious contracts, or extended binding periods

Miklagard generates organic growth to your business with efficient search engine optimization

Google Page # 1 or No Fees

Miklagard’s customers reach Page 1 within ca. 6 months, and with the onboarding experience, we offer Page # 1 warranty within 9, 12, or 16 months. If you are not on Google Page # 1 on agreed keywords and phrases within the time frame, we will work for free until we reach that goal.

360° of marketing with clear objectives from the start

100% clear success criteria

Clear goals from the start give you an easy expectation allowing you to track precisely whether we at Miklagard are living up to our words. Whether it is increasing new customers, enhancing conversion rates, increasing traffic, better SEO, greater relevance, improved Ads bidding strategy, greater transparency, or something completely else, we have the specialists on board that can hit a home-run on all success criteria.

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