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Take advantage of your company’s full potential. Miklagard provides digital marketing services across Ads, SEO, social media, analytics, programming, web, display, and video. We increase your online presence, optimize your marketing, and grow your bottom line.

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Online marketing does not have to be complicated. At Miklagard, we have made it easy for you by sorting our solutions into three packages:

  1. Product with a single solution or service.
  2. Program with a complete package of solutions and services.
  3. Partnership with a total focus on digital growth including solutions and services.

Products are for you if you want to optimize one or more specific online marketing channels. We offer a wide range of online solutions that include generating paid and organic traffic from search engines. We also help with social media, analytics, programming, display, and video.

Here you can choose which channels you want to focus on; your choice can be adapted entirely to your specific requirements. Therefore, products are the right choice for those who want a tailor-made solution for a particular online marketing channel.

Alternatively, if you need something more than just a specific marketing channel, you may want to consider choosing one of our unique programs. Here, Miklagard offers five unique and vastly different digital marketing programs. Each program provides fantastic marketing solutions in its field. Of course, each program can also be tailored to meet your individual needs – hence our programs are not closed complete solutions, but rather an example and inspiration to what your overall online marketing solution can look like.

And then there’s the comprehensive package, Miklagard’s partnerships. Are you tired of your business not performing well in Google search results or any other search engine? Is your organic traffic lower than your expectations? Or maybe you have given up on digital marketing that doesnøt grow your bottom line? If you answered yes, then a partnership with Miklagard is the obvious solution. Miklagard’s partnerships are designed for those who do not want to leave their company’s organic traffic to chance but instead want to optimize their traffic from search engines through data-driven SEO strategies. Or increase their reach with Google Ads, or optimize conversions with split tests, etc.

With Miklagard as your partner, you can look forward to a team that not only takes care of your SEO strategy but also provides a one-stop digital solution from analysis to implementation and a follow-up on success criteria. We offer a comprehensive review of everything from technical SEO to keywords and competitors’ analysis. We also put together strategies and action plans for how your digital platforms can progress forward. Of course, we continuously monitor and report along the way, to ensure that the partnership is delivering the expected success criteria.

The partnership usually takes place over an extended period (12 months), but here too, it is possible to adapt the process to suit your requirements and wishes. And whether you choose a Miklagard product, program, or partnership, it can always be a tailor-made solution that fits your business – this is a central feature of Miklagard.

Does your business need a boost in your online marketing channels so you can achieve greater exposure, more sales, and grow your online revenue?

At Miklagard, we can boost your online marketing channels and make your online ambitions a reality. Contact us today to get an online marketing solution tailored to your specific needs.

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