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Web agency in Copenhagen digital partnerships.

The partnership is for you if you seek to grow organic traffic and conversions through data driven SEO strategy.

You as the client will be responsible for providing technical requirements and direction where needed. Miklagárd will produce all deliverables and execute requirements as detailed in a 12-month partnership program.

Who partners with Miklagard?

Companies, including online creatives, businesses and internet shops, retailers and website developers, work with Miklagárd.


Partnering with Miklagárd is the fastest way to grow businesses and individuals to find your website online. Whether you have an online webshop, sell awesome stuff online, Youtuber, or Instagrammer, partnering with Miklagárd helps you create new revenue streams and scale locally and nationally.


Why partner with Miklagárd?

The Miklagárd Partnership Program is designed to help you get to the top of Google and advertising platforms, rank higher, and reach more customers.

12 Month SEO Partnership

This is an overview of Miklagárd’s standard 12 Month SEO project. The partnership details requirements and expected services to be performed by Miklagárd. Depending on your business and industry, we will custom a unique partnership program that suits your business needs:

Partnership Engagement Overview

At the beginning of the 12 Month SEO project, Miklagárd and you as the client will together determine the Key Performance Indicators (KPI). These will be the metrics by which the project’s success is defined. The KPI Development & Benchmarking is to:

  • Review any pre-existing data and research to understand patterns, reference historical data in Google Analytics (GA) to understand seasonal trends and user site behavior.
  • Benchmark major site metrics to identify feasible goals and measure the impact of the recommendations.
  • Reevaluate goals and success metrics regularly. Miklagárd will work with you to determine appropriate cadence.



Full Technical SEO Audit


Miklagárd will audit your website’s code, structure, and supporting infrastructure to find technical issues that could be inhibiting its organic search visibility for your domain. Miklagárd will deliver an itemized and prioritized strategy intended to address these technical issues. Learn more

Audience Insights

Miklagárd will work with you to better understand the behavior and search patterns of potential and existing customer base, as well as industry-wide search trends.

Review your existing audience/persona data (if available), analyze direct customer feedback via chats and call transcriptions (if available), and enable and interpret heat mapping software findings.

Conduct interviews with your internal team members that work closely with customers and interviews and user testing exercises with existing customers. Utilize these audience insights to determine strategies for keyword research, on-site recommendations, content strategy, channel guidance, etc.

Analytics Setup & Reporting

Miklagárd will identify and notify you on major potential issues within the analytics setup regarding report suite structure and current tracking implementation. Miklagárd will assist on any additional analytics tagging and implementation.

Holistic Data Analysis

Miklagárd will review and provide an initial assessment a variety of search data sets. These assessments will combine relevant data sets to ultimately identify where the greatest opportunities exist to hit your business goals by leveraging SEO as a channel.

SDA Report

Miklagárd will perform a Search Discovery Analysis (SDA) based on your PPC Search Query Report and additional keyword research, which will look at your competitors as they relate to organic search.

We will build a dashboard visualization using Google Data Studio, Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, or similar tool, based on the collected keyword data to identify top competitors for priority topics, product areas and segments of your business.

SEOxPPC Report

Miklagárd will analyze converting paid search queries to identify potential areas of PPC waste or opportunities for expansion. We compare converting paid queries and ranking organic content to identify content gaps where organic content can be leveraged to augment paid spend.

Find testing opportunities by comparing organic metadata and paid ad copy by click-through-rate to inform new targets for organic or paid keywords and/or CTA testing.

Keyword Research

Miklagárd will make a Keyword Proposal that is divided by audience motivators, detailing the terms that your prospective customers search for. These will be the terms that we will actively support through on-site content and benchmark to assess impact.

We will focus efforts on the keyword themes that have the greatest propensity to drive project goals or represent ultimate expansion areas for you.

Competitive Analysis

Miklagárd will leverage the Holistic Data Strategy assessment to compile a comprehensive set of recommendations based on the competitors winning visibility for our target keywords.

This analysis may be combined and integrated with the content strategy roadmap, or delivered as a separate document, depending on Miklagárd’s findings. Learn more

Keyword Mapping & Content Gap Analysis

Miklagárd will create Keyword Matrices that indicate which site pages should be targeted by which keyword groups.

We will provide recommendations for metadata elements such as h1 tags, title tags, and meta descriptions.

We will then perform a Content Gap Analysis to identify key themes competitors are earning search visibility for and how you can earn similar visibility. This includes prioritization of opportunities and a timeline for addressing such content gaps within our Content Strategy Roadmap.

Miklagárd will map these keywords to pages on the site, addressing content gaps on the site as needed in order to fulfil the keyword mapping process.

We will focus efforts on pages within your website, including existing pages and net new page recommendations. We will together collaborate on the selection of which pages to address.

Content Audit

Miklagárd will perform a Content Audit to optimize existing site content. We will identify specific content recommendations within existing copy. This may include revisions to body copy, adding/removing internal links, and editing anchor text or internal links.

Recommendations may warrant new content to be written to improve user experience and visibility in search. We will then review impact and revisit recommendations to further optimize the content.

Miklagárd will focus efforts on pages within your website, including existing web pages and net new page recommendations. We will together collaborate on the selection of which web pages to address.

Content Strategy

Miklagárd will deliver a Content Strategy Roadmap compiling recommendations and findings from the Competitive Analysis, the Content Gap Analysis and Keyword Research summarized and organized into a prioritized plan.

We will make recommendations for new content or optimization of existing content on your website to solve user needs, encourage natural sharing, inform purchase decisions, exhibit authority, and build trust.

Recommendations will outline content gaps by priority and level of effort. We will work together to confirm priority opportunities before beginning execution.

The Content Strategy Roadmap may be revisited on an ongoing basis to reflect new opportunities and priorities, which may be discovered during the course of a project.

Miklagárd will work closely with you, or external teams on the creation of these assets. Miklagárd content and design team can execute and/or support asset development under a separate engagement.

Regardless of the team producing content, Miklagárd will review and provide further recommendations if ne​eded on produced content within the Content Strategy Roadmap. We will together define a workflow appropriate for managing edits and reviews.

Organic Outreach & Promotion

Miklagárd will leverage content and assets with the following goals and targets in mind:

  • Conversions/Assisted Conversions
  • Natural Discovery: Client as an information destination
  • Engage Users: Social listening, relationship building
  • Engage with Stakeholders: Consumers, Partners, Publications

Miklagárd’s outreach strategy will be proposed to you in a Content Promotion Plan. We will work in tandem with existing PR partners in order to divide and conquer for outreach success, without cannibalizing current efforts.

Quarterly Business Reviews / Agency Summit

Miklagárd will present progress to stakeholders on a​ quarterly​ cadence. Reviews will focus on performance-to-date of KPIs, as well as which strategies have been successful in driving performance. Reviews will additionally highlight forward-looking strategies and tactics Miklagárd will pursue in an effort to hit project goals. Reviews will seek to update stakeholders on major updates in Search and how these updates may impact the project roadmap.

ECommerce (optional)

While everyone on the project has ecommerce experience, Miklagárd has a specific e-commerce task force that would engage in your project if you are an online retailer or running a shopping site.

Product Page Audit

Miklagárd’s Product Page audit leverages user studies from across top industry ecommerce sites to evaluate the user experience for the product page template on your website.

We will recommend changes based on best practices aimed at improving usability to increase conversions and to influence user metrics that may contribute to search engine rankings. From the audit, Miklagárd will create a prioritized list of recommendations based on impact potential (and your ability to implement changes).

Checkout Process & Shopping Cart Abandonment

Miklagárd will perform an audit of your website’s check​out process from a usability perspective to eliminate user friction based on industry best practices. From this audit, we will create a prioritized list of recommendations based on impact potential and the client’s ability to implement changes.

The goal of this audit is to improve the conversion rate, lower abandonment, and provide a more seamless experience for customers.

Homepage, Navigation & Site Wide Layout

Miklagárd’s Home Page audit will evaluate the layout and content of the homepage, navigation structure, and site wide layout from a usability perspective to ensure your adheres to industry best practices.

This deliverable will help ensure both the homepage and navigation structure of the site are optimized for both users and Google. From the audit, ​Miklagárd will create a prioritized list of recommendations based on impact potential (and your ability to implement changes).

The goal of this audit is to improve the conversion rate, lower abandonment, and provide a more seamless experience for customers.

Miklagárd offers everything needed to grow your online business. Get in touch for details.


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