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You have to be visible wherever your digital customers are online if you want to reach out to them. At Miklagard, we can help you build and expose your brand through digital sales channels across all platforms to get your message out to your specific audience.

Here we leave nothing to chance. We are involved right from the start and work with you every step of the way, from building a digital marketing strategy to planning, executing, and evaluating.

Increase traffic and sales with Miklagard.

The goal of digital marketing is first and foremost to increase sales in your business. Therefore, as a Danish web agency, our focus is always on marketing initiatives that can increase traffic and revenue to your website and other digital platforms. We keep the same focus across all channels, combined with several years of experience in particularly traffic and sales optimization; Miklagard is, therefore, the right partner for you, looking for online results.

We formulate executable strategies and measurable plans and provide continuous reporting so that you can always keep track of your online marketing activities and their results. With Miklagard as a digital marketing partner, it’s not just us who are on the pulse – so are you.

360° digital marketing with a focus on bottom line and expenses.

It is one thing to create marketing campaigns – it is another thing to create profitable digital marketing campaigns. At the Miklagard web agency, we always consider your bottom line and your expenses. We, therefore, continually aim to optimize your campaigns to increase the top-line as much as possible relative to your costs. We have a strong focus on your ROI – both on paid traffic and organic traffic.

Our “omnichannel” approach allows us to spread your brand across multiple channels to optimize your digital campaigns. We identify the channels that generate the most value and ROI, eliminating unnecessary costs on channels that do not deliver the desired results. At Miklagárd it is common sense.

Miklagard’s digital marketing channels.

Excellent digital campaigns require the right channels, and we always select exactly the channels that bring the most value to your business. Here you can see which channels Miklagard typically uses when we need to turbocharge your traffic and sales figures.

PPC (Ads and Adwords)

With optimized PPC campaigns, we enable you to reach ready-to-buy customers who are already looking for your products and services on the search engines. We map the keywords that generate ready-to-buy customers within your segment and scale the exposure of those keywords to the ROI of each keyword. All campaigns are monitored, so your budget is always spent where you get the highest ROI..


Tomorrow’s customers are continually scrolling online. With display advertising, you can gain brand exposure exactly where your digital customers are. This will increase your visibility, reach, and traffic of your website and other digital platforms. Display advertisements are placed on third-party websites where the traffic is consistent with your target audience. Therefore, it is possible to drive ready-to-buy and engaged customers directly to your sales platforms and increase your sales results.


Google is the world’s largest marketplace. Ready-to.-buy customers go on Google every day to look for new products and information. You need to be there when they are looking for you if you want to be found. Our SEO team helps you with everything from initial SEO analysis of both on- and off-page SEO to keyword analysis, strategy, content creation, outreach, and all other SEO related tasks. We place you at the very top of the search results while ensuring a satisfying CTR, ensuring that traffic and sales are both improving with the SEO activities.

Read more about Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Social Media

Social media like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and Pinterest offer many apparent benefits when it comes to segmenting audiences. Here, with the help of Miklagard, you can expose your campaigns thoroughly to just your target audience.

With a constant focus on ROI, we make sure that your social media campaigns are continuously adjusted and tailored to generate the highest possible return. We are involved in the segmentation process from the get-go, and we also take care of the planning and execution of all campaigns – all this in close collaboration with you.

E-mail marketing

Reach out to your customers anytime, anywhere. With email marketing, you are enabling an effective push channel that allows you to deliver tailor-made email campaigns directly in the customer’s inbox. With the help of various segmentation tools, we can carefully target and individualize your mail campaigns to create the highest possible open rates and CTR.

At the same time, we achieve a lower bounce rate and fewer unsubscribes by delivering targeted and relevant content to each customer (group). Email marketing is simply your direct shortcut to customers who have already expressed interest in your brand.


Make your campaigns vibrant, engaging, and inspiring with video campaigns. Miklagard’s video specialists are ready to produce video campaigns with content that targets specific segments. Video serves as an excellent complement to other campaigns, and at the same time, video campaigns are highly capable of retaining potential customers over a more extended period.

Video campaigns are also attractive to those who want to communicate their message and expose their brand over a longer timeframe. At Miklagård we can help you with everything from brainstorming, strategy, and planning to the production, implementation, and execution of your video campaigns.

App Store

Get more downloads and more conversions in the App Store. With Miklagard’s App Store Optimization, we use a data-driven approach to your app to improve your entire app strategy, including your location in the App Store. We make your app a popular product that engages the user with inspirational user journeys that drive increased in-app sales. With Miklagárd on the team, your app stands out amongst other apps on the market – all using a carefully planned and well-executed app strategy.

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