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The Vikings Miklagárd

The Vikings called Constantinople (present-day Istanbul in Turkey) for Miklagård (Miklagárd, Miklagaard, and Miklagarðr). The word Miklagård is derived from the Old Norse “the big city,” which had a massive city wall and stone structures. The term Miklagåard is also matched with other terms such as Holmgård (the name of the Russian city of Novgorod) and Kegnugård (Kiev, today the capital of Ukraine).

Miklagård Group ApS

Miklagárd Group stems its name from this term – a concept that links the West and East, to a world that is even more (digitally) connected.

Miklagård Group was founded as a limited company in 2019 in Denmark, Copenhagen. Miklagård is a “one-stop-shop” for digital marketing, working with search engine optimization, online advertising, websites, web designs, and everything related to digital marketing. Amongst us, we have several years of experience in our industry, and we know how to streamline websites and online marketing effectively.

Miklagard’s philosophy is growth through a data-driven approach to online marketing. It is the convergence of quality, time, and economy with a focus on growth on the top line.

Miklagård Digital Masterpieces

We are a data-driven digital agency with some of the most dedicated specialists in Denmark with a robust network of market leaders from all over the world. Our customers’ growth is Miklagård’s success. The growth of our customers is Miklagårds succuss. We work only with tested and proven frameworks that guarantee superior top-results on digital media where our clients’ customers are online.

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