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Strengthen security and control over your data with Miklagard hosting.

At Miklagard, we offer up-to-date and responsive hosting solutions tailored to your online needs. Our focus is on stability, security, and support, so you can always access your data whenever and wherever while resting assured that your data is in safe hands in collaboration with Miklagard.

Infrastructure and servers.

We are with you from day one, addressing the initial concerns of hosting. Counselling and guiding you on different solutions, so together, we can make sure you are getting the precise hosting solution that best suits your needs. We then assist you with both the setup and data migration, and when the migration is in order, we keep your servers running around the clock all year.

Considering servers, we at Miklagard work exclusively with virtual (VPS) and dedicated servers. We believe that your data is best placed on a server that you have full control over. We achieve this with a dedicated server – here it’s you that gets to command.

The same also applies to virtual servers. With a VPS, you can get the same flexible solution as you would from a dedicated server while being able to quickly scale up and down as your capacity requirements change. A virtual server is, therefore, an excellent alternative to a dedicated server, since it is scalable and still stores your data separately from other virtual servers on your physical server device.

A secure solution tailored to your needs.

At Miklagard, we safeguard your data. That’s precisely why we exclusively operate with hosting on virtual and dedicated servers. And security doesn’t stop here.

When you choose Miklagard as a hosting partner, you also get a dedicated IP, SSL certificate, and a daily backup of your data on a comprehensive hosting solution that complies with all GDPR rules. We guarantee 99.9% uptime, and at the same time can provide a failover server in the rare cases where unforeseen events can occur. We always offer a secure and tailor-made solution to suit your hosting needs.

Measurable SLA agreements.

We know – our hosting sounds almost too good to be true. We, therefore, have a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with you, so you always have a written document entailing what you should expect from your hosting solution from your partner Miklagard.

The SLA agreement contains specific and measurable delivery points, so you can always check that we are living up to our contract. With Miklaagard as the hosting partner, you can knowingly put your hosting on autopilot, appreciating that we are doing everything to exceed your expectations for a stable and secure hosting solution.

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