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Your business is nothing without fervour. We help you build your brand online so you can increase your sales. Become a name that potential customers recognize. Our solutions improve the experience for customers on websites, in stores, and apps, so that you can sell more.

Brands sell. Therefore, if you want to increase online sales, it is crucial to create a brand that potential customers recognize. And it is precisely here that Miklagard comes into the picture. With us on your team, you can look forward to increased online visibility and awareness. Depending on which solution you want, we make sure your brand is built and recognized across various online media and platforms. Miklagard integrates your brand as part of the solution, thereby increasing the brand’s recognition, so potential customers remember your brand.

The brand’s recognizability is essential. When potential customers come across a recognizable brand, the probability of conversion to sales increases significantly. Therefore, a stronger brand ultimately correlates to a stronger bottom line.

However, building a reliable and recognizable online brand can prove challenging. Therefore, it is vital to target the channels where your potential customers are located during your brand awareness campaign. At Miklagard, we have many years of experience in building brands online, and we help you identify the appropriate channels so that brand optimization is centred around precisely those channels.

We do this while we ensure that your potential customers are optimally exposed to your brand. Different segments may require different approaches; therefore, it is vital to match the procedure with the segments that are interested in your particular business. Your brand exposure is, therefore, always done in close collaboration with you. Here we can together find the key points that differentiate your brand from other competitors in the market so that you can stand out from the crowd.

Based on these key points and the company’s target group, an online branding strategy can then be compiled. The brand strategy will be naturally coordinated and adapted with other branding and marketing operations in the company so that online and offline marketing is synchronized.

Furthermore, based on the brand strategy, we develop various marketing campaigns, and simultaneously we create content for online platforms in the form of text, videos, and images. Platforms and content are tied together to create a unified and pervasive story of the company’s brand.

During the branding of your company, we continuously measure the strength of the brand, so you can continuously monitor whether the recognition and perception of the company brand are developing in a “bullish” positive direction. Thus, you are never in doubt about how your online brand is performing.

At Miklagard, our online marketing experts are ready to advise and help you build your brand. If you are interested in getting a brand that stands out from the crowd and at the same time increase the company’s online sales, contact Miklagárd right away – we are ready to strengthen your brand and increase your sales.

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