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Google Might be Testing Search Results with no URLs

Google Removing URLs

Google has started testing to display search results with no URLs on the SERP. Hence, only website names are shown.

For the past months, Google has been experimenting with creating a visually cleaner SERP. Some searchers have been reporting that they’ve seen search results without URLs.

Google Testing

A Reddit user shared a screenshot in a thread, showing search results that appear without URLs. This has sparked a series of comments, uncertainties, and speculations.

Google, on the other side, as usual, has not confirmed anything besides hints. If this update goes through, it might potentially change the way we see search results.

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How Does it Affect SEO

Will this Google Search Experiment have a significant impact on SEO. Well, there is no way to claim for sure. Yet, it seems unlikely that it will affect SEO negatively. But it will definitely affect the personal user experience. Users are accustomed to seeing the URL of the website in the Search Results. This also helps users to decide whether to click on the result or not. In many cases where the URL doesn’t match the Search Query, users can avoid clicking.

The main thing to monitor during such changes is if there is any effect on your Click-Through-Rate (CTR).


Google testing has always worked towards providing a cleaner, smoother user experience, especially in the SERP. They experiment and update routinely. During this, companies should always keep up-to-date with the best practices to avoid any losses.

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