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Become a Miklagard affiliate partner today.

Make money as an affiliate partner by promoting Miklagard. We have the right team, the right network, and the platform to grow 200%. If you are keen on promoting one of the most influential European web agencies, get an appointment, and then you are in action already today! We offer up to 25% of revenue shares. Learn more about the Miklagard affiliate program and your profits below.

As an affiliate partner, you begin with a favorable commission on all the agreements you land and continue for 6 months. After all, your success is our success! There are many good reasons why you should choose the Miklagard affiliate program, but let us tell you what we think are the most important points.

As a Miklagard affiliate partner, you earn a fixed CPA payout per month for the first 6 months of each contract you close, for any qualified customer seeking a quality web agency.

  • No complex tracking codes
  • No coupon-gimmicks
  • No complicated contracts

Commission rates

Agreement price/month Commission

DKK 0 – DKK 10.000: 15%
DKK 10.001 – DKK 20.000: 17%
DKK 20.001 – DKK 40.000: 21%
DKK 40.001 – unlimited: 25%

Commission% is always based on the full amount of the total contract amount (ex VAT), without any advertising budgets or similar. This means that if you land an agreement for a total contract amount of DKK 100,000 (ex VAT), you as an affiliate partner for example, will get DKK 25,000 into your personal account.

Become an affiliate partner today.

If you know one or more potential customers who need a web agency or digital marketing, you can refer them to us as part of our affiliate program and this leads to a contract with a new customer, this will make you eligible as an affiliate partner and hence the commission of signed agreement. It’s pretty straightforward: land a customer as an affiliate partner and, depending on the size of the deal, you get a commission.

Affiliate Agreement and Terms

Commission means the percentage of the total contract amount (ex VAT) paid to you as an affiliate. The Commission alone constitutes your revenue share. The Commission is paid regularly either on the 1st or 15th of each month (for last month’s activities). Once approved, all commissions will be paid directly to your personal or business account. Only signed agreements that run over 6 months and recognized by Miklagard as part of an affiliate partner are approved monthly commission payment. Commissions are not paid by external budgets, i.e., for online advertising on behalf of the customer. Any person with a Danish private or business account who respects our general terms and conditions can apply to participate in the Miklagard affiliate program.

We look forward to a good affiliate cooperation with you.

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