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Reach your target audience on social media. With Miklagard as your social media partner, you can expect targeted campaigns that attract the interest of your target audience. Avoid unnecessary costs on incidental exposures – at Miklagard, we make sure that your budget generates the highest possible ROI on the social platforms.

Utilize social media fully with Miklagard.

When we say utilize social media with Miklagard, we mean it. We plan and execute measurable campaigns on all social media platforms from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat to LinkedIn, Pinterest, Quora, and Reddit. No matter where your target groups are on social media, we at Miklagård can help you reach them. Our team has several talented experts who have an in-depth knowledge of social media trends and insights.

However, you don’t need to be present on all social platforms to be successful. Often, not all platforms are relevant for your target audience, and therefore it’s not applicable for you to activate those channels. We help you identify which social media platform has the most significant potential for you, and develop a campaign strategy across them. Together we can ensure that the campaigns work collectively towards the overall plan.

Tailor-made marketing towards your specific target audiences.

One of the significant benefits of social media campaigns is that they allow you to target your campaigns to even narrow audiences specifically. At Miklagard, we segment based on a wide range of parameters in geography, demography, behaviour, and psychography (the psychological attributes of consumers i.e., personality, values, opinions, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles). We make sure that the target audience is as relevant as possible before activating your campaigns.

Campaigns are not only developed based on the above parameters, but we also appropriate existing data from your business. We can, therefore, create segmented and data-driven campaigns that are entirely tuned towards the relevant users on social media.

Retargeting your target audiences.

Similar to all marketing processing, you need multiple interactions with your brand before you reach the final sale. Of course, if the customer has already decided on buying your product or service, this is an exception that won’t require those interactions. However, that’s not the typical scenario in most cases, and most traffic from social media won’t be ready-to-buy customers from the first encounter with your brand.

Miklagard addresses this through retargeting. We expose your campaigns specifically to users who already know about your brand, skipping the first impressions, straight to ready-to-buy users. Producing a more significant brand interaction, higher conversions, and increased sales.

Focus on reach, traffic and conversions.

When creating social media campaigns, many focus on reach, traffic, and conversions, and it can be quite tempting only to measure conversions and ROI. However, reach, and traffic are both equally relevant. Social media campaigns are not just about increasing sales here an now, but also about boosting your brand’s identity and driving traffic to your website.

Potential customers need to be exposed to your brand more than just once before they are ready to engage and make a purchase. By focusing on reach and traffic to your website, Miklagard ensures that you generate more conversions, while actively maturing and growing new customers (i.e., brand recognition and trust).

When we focus and aim your campaigns towards reach, we will attract potential customers with interest in your brand, and giving them the chance to remember it. It can take several interactions before customers are ready to purchase, but by following through, and maturing customers gradually, we can ensure that as many users as possible are converted to buyers across your website and other digital platforms.

That’s precisely why you should partner up with Miklagard as an active social media associate – through further reach, we drive more traffic to your site. Converting your target audience into ready-to-buy customers, and ultimately increasing your campaign’s conversions to new records.

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