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IT security is more important than ever. As the IT landscape develops and data sets are in motion, durable security solutions are needed that can withstand even the worst attacks. At Miklagard, we make sure that your data is always secure and does not fall into the wrong hands.

Crisis management under cyber attacks.

Today’s hackers are both skilled and creative. If the worst is to happen, Miklagard can help you deal with any cyber attack. We minimize the risk and encapsulate the problem so that it does not spread to your primary data.

Once the situation is under control, we take of the attack itself. How we handle it depends on the type of breach that occurred. At Miklagård, we always have an effective roadmap ready at hand that quickly prevents crisis situations and gets your systems back into regular operation again.

We test your security with ethical hacking and penetration testing.

Crisis management is never a desirable situation. That’s why we prevent any crises and attacks by even testing the security of your IT solutions before malicious hackers do. Our tests are done using ethical hacking and pen-testing (penetration tests) designed to identify potential vulnerabilities in your setup.

Our ethical hackers possess the same knowledge as malicious hackers, which is essential if we are to identify potential risk factors in your IT solutions. If our ethical hacker can find his way to an opening in your system, then there is also a risk that a malicious hacker will be able to do the same. If there are security gaps, it is crucial to respond immediately. At Miklagárd, we are therefore always ready to provide advice and guidance on how to handle any risk factors, and we also actively help to eliminate these risks.

Get a secure solution with Amazon Web Services.

Cloud security is no exception. Potential dangers are here too, lurking if your IT solutions are not sufficiently secured. At Miklagard, as specialists in Amazon Web Services (AWS), we make a considerable impact out of providing top-of-the-line cloud solutions that safeguard your data and systems on AWS.

We maintain the security of AWS by continually monitoring your solutions so that we can take immediate action if there are any discrepancies in your cloud environment. While, by using various tools, we can filter the queries that arrive at the server to block unauthorized queries. With Miklagard as an AWS security partner, you can rest assured that your data is always protected in the cloud.

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Security and GDPR.

GDPR sets several requirements for your IT security. This applies, among other things, to the handling of data and personal and sensitive information. Miklagard can help you identify and map areas in your data that are affected by GDPR. We also help you correct any errors and weaknesses so that you comply with all the rules and requirements concerning GDPR.

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