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There are many benefits to depositing your IT solutions in the cloud. You no longer have to worry about servers, security, updates, and backups. We take care of that at Miklagard 24/7/365. Instead, you can look forward to the ease of mind and accessibility – all you need is an internet connection, and you can access your data at any time from anywhere. Do not worry about the expense, you will only pay for exactly what you need. At Miklagard, we help you with setting up your cloud so you can enjoy all the benefits that come with it.

Different cloud solutions for different needs.

Don’t let cloud solutions define and limit your requirements. At Miklagard, we provide a wide variety of cloud solutions, all customizable to your specific needs, and scalable so they can adapt to your changes and requirements.

Before you decide to migrate your server to the cloud, we are ready to advise and answer any questions about the various solutions and their different benefits. We offer both public and private cloud solutions as well as hybrid and multi-cloud options. We can even build your cloud solution around virtual private servers. No matter how you want to structure your cloud solution, we can help you find the model the best suits your needs and requirements.

Let Miklagard take care of your IT infrastructure.

At Miklagard, we don’t just provide cloud solutions for you, but we are ready to help you with your entire IT infrastructure. We can help you on both a strategic level, but also a practical level – we can actively set up and manage operations of your IT infrastructure. With Miklagard as your cloud partner, you will have a reliable partner that can handle all aspects of your cloud migration, before, during, and after.

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In-house Specialists in Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.

If you are interested in a cloud-based solution from Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Miklagard is your prominent partner. We are experts in both AWS and GCP and are well known in the industry for providing excellent solutions with these cloud services platforms.

AWS is a giant cloud-based platform that lets you move your IT solutions into the cloud without ramping up the costs. On the contrary, AWS is an affordable and extremely stable and secure alternative within the cloud infrastructure provider, which can also be easily scaled up and down as your business changes.

The same applies to Google’s cloud solution, better known as GCP. Here, too, you get lots of cloud computing power for your money. At the same time, Google delivers a secure and innovative open-source infrastructure that puts efficiency at the forefront.

Both cloud platform providers are run and supported by two of the world’s largest tech giants, and they are both excellent cloud solutions for both small and large businesses. With Miklagaard’s expertise and know-how in both AWS and GCP, you can look forward to a top-tune cloud setup on two of the world’s best cloud platforms, while at the same time securing noticeable financial savings.

Monitoring and backup

Your data is valuable. We monitor all cloud solutions around the clock, year-round, for optimum security. At the same time, we provide backup both remotely and privately, and at the user level. If you choose Miklágard as your cloud partner, you can rest assured knowing that your data is always under control.

We are ready with bulletproof SLA agreements.

At Miklagard, our promise of stable cloud solutions is not just hollow words. That’s why we are always armed with the Bulletproof Service Level Agreement (SLA), which describes precisely what to expect when entering into an agreement with Miklagard. Of course, our SLA agreements are assessable, so you can always check that we are living up to our agreement.

The SLA agreement is tailored to your particular business and needs. Therefore, you can look forward to receiving an SLA agreement where all relevant requirements are defined so that it is always transparent what to expect from us. Miklagard’s goal is clear – we want to deliver customized, stable, and secure cloud solutions that consistently exceed your expectations.

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