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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Miklagard is among the global leaders when it comes to promoting corporate social responsibility. Why? Simply, because we care about the enivronment. We are conscious that how we handle every sheet of paper, every drop of water and every watt of electricity can make a difference.

Our commitment goes beyond our solutions and services, it’s about our day to day practices in and out of our offices. We understand that as individuals and businesses we have a responsibility towards helping to meet both the national and global environmental and social challenges.

Through our CSR activities, we are not only working towards healthier, greener earth but also we increase our competitiveness and create real business value. Below we have a list of badges that we support and encourage others to do so.

Miklagard supports Environmentally Friendly Packaging

We are using far too much of the earth’s resources. If you want to put numbers on it, we have already in only the first 8 months of 2019, used up all the available resources for that whole year.

That is why at Miklagard we have opted to support environmentally friendly packaging wherever possible. That means we always chose to use the least packaging as possible while also ensuring it is made from recycled materials.

Miklagard endorses stopping Paper Waste

Today, paper waste amounts to serious global damage, and businesses are the main culprit. At Miklagard we strongly believe that paper waste not only drains the earth’s resources and health but is also a great business expenditure.

Therefore, we have reduced our paper use to the bare minimum reducing consumption and cutting unneeded company costs. We urge all businesses to do the same.

Miklagard endorses a Healthy Work Environment

We understand that the work environment is beyond the physical space of the office. It is also the social and psychological part of going to work. It is, therefore, a pillar of the company’s thrive-ability to have a healthy work environment on all degrees.

At Miklagard we focus on the physical aspect of our working space, but also on the social and psychological elements of all our employees. Here we are a family, that either stands together or falls together.

GDPR – Miklagard protects your data

On May 25, 2018, a new European Personal Data Regulation came into force, which tightened the requirements for companies’ processing of personal data.

For companies, this means amongst other things that they need to be better at declaring their cookies and collecting consent from users.

For users, this means that you have the right to delete or correct your personal information.

Miklagard supports Advertisment Protected

Today, companies are allowed to call other companies to market products or increase awareness of their business.

By having this badge you are simply declaring that you do not want to receive unsolicited advertisment calls

At Miklagard we appreciate privacy, while respect others wishes of not being bombarded with Ads, we expect to get the same back

Miklagard endorses plastic stop

Plastic is a very important material for the world’s economy and is used globally. Unfortunately, the production of plastic has inflated severely, resulting and plastic waste left behind in nature and the wild.

The world seas are being damaged by the huge amount of plastic. The animals that live in the water, fish, whales and other marine animals swallow plastic, harming them and those who eat them.

At Miklagard we use almost no plastic and in the rare case, we do we opt for recycled plastic products.

Miklagard stops spam

Spam concerns the entire digital world, and especially the marketing sector. Today there is an increasing number of companies taking advantage of being able to send spam to thousands of people and companies, in aims of generating profits. However, spam is not legal, and Miklagard believes that such rights should be respected.

No one likes to be spammed, neither do we.

Miklagard supports My Cookies

Cookies are important for various businesses, it’s all about collecting data and utilizing it in a business sense. However, users have the right to choose what information is being collected and stored about them when visiting a website.

Miklagard ensures that users are fully aware of what type of information is being stored and why, while always having the option of deleting or modifying it.

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