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Google’s trending searched terms in Denmark 2019 revealed

Google has revealed the top 10 trending searches in 2019 in Denmark. Aula, Rasmus Paludan, and the deaths of famous people are among the most searched terms in Denmark 2019.

According to Globalstats more than 92% of searches in Denmark are carried out on Google, whereas only 2% use Bing, 1.5% use Yahoo, and 0.5% use Baidu and Yandex.

Keep reading if you want to know what the Danes have been mostly searching about in 2019 on Google.

The top 10 trending searches on Google

1. Aula

Is a new school portal (Aula) that allows parents and teachers to communicate and keep track of students progress.

2. Rasmus Paludan

A danish controversial of an anti-Islam party, Stram Kurs, who attained headlines in the build-up towards the 2019 General Election last summer.

3. Anders Holch Povlsen

A danish billionaire who tragically lost three of his children in the Sri Lanka bombings earlier this year.

4. Resultater fra EU-valget

The results of the 2019 European Union Elections.

5. Luke Perry

An American actor, best known for his role in Beverly Hills, 90210, and Netflix’s Riverdale. The actor died early this year after suffering a stroke in his LA home.

6. Ole Stephensen

A Danish actor and journalist that has passed away in February 2019. He was most known for his work with Jarl Friis-Mikkelsen, in Danish series “Walter og Carlo.

7. Fie Laursen

Is a Danish blogger, Youtuber, author and reality star. She started gaining fame after being presented in Aftenshowet, a local talk-show. She then gained traction using social media platforms such as Youtube and Instagram

8. Master Fatman

A Danish DJ, and artist who passed away in March of 2019. Master Fatman was a well-known media personality, that had many contributions that including acting, singing, hosting, and film-making.

9. Notre Dame 

Is a medieval catholic cathedral in Paris and is also the name for a local home goods shop in central Copenhagen, that focuses on Nordic Designs.

10. Kandidattest

Is a local test that helps you determine who you should vote for in the Danish elections in 2019.

These top 10 trending searches reveal exciting stories about the Danish society. The searches are mostly centred around famous Danes; that have either passed away this year or hit the headlines due to some controversy.

What else are Danes Searching on Google in 2019

Besides satisfying their curiosity of what happened to who and why, it seems that the Danes rely heavily on Google for answering pertinent questions, such as:

  • Hvem skal jeg stemme på” – translation: Who should I vote for
  • Hvem passer vores børn” – translation: Who is caring for our children

Besides such searches, the Danes like their counterparts in Europe use Google to find everything from the “Bedste Brownie” to “Bedste Pizza København”.

You can quickly realize how Google has become the number one source for all sorts of answers, whether its politics, social, economic, or just mere curiosity and entertainment. The Danish culture has developed to the point that when a question is asked, the easy answer is “Google det (“Google it”.)


Google has risen to such a pre-eminent place in our society that its name has become synonymous with answers. The times where people went to libraries for research or consulted books for answers are long gone.

As a search engine, Google’s popularity in Danmark is unprecedented. Every second there are thousands of search queries. What most people might overlook while Googling everything is that vast amount of data Google is collecting and storing about everyone and everything just from the searches alone.

If you want to know how to make the most out of Google or any other search engine, click here, or simply leave a comment below.

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