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SEO Simplified

To make SEO simplified, there are more than 2 million posts published every day just by WordPress users. That’s almost 1400 posts every minute. And this is only considering WordPress users.

Against these millions of posts, it becomes harder to stand-out or to come out on top – but to be successful, you must.

On average people would spend a few hours writing a blog, and then spend maybe just 10 or 15 minutes optimizing it. These last minutes might be the most important. It is no mystery why “SEO” is heavily searched on the internet.

Today people use search engines devotedly. Only on Google, at any minute, there are more than 3.8 million search queries. That’s taking into account only one search engine. It is, therefore, no mystery why ranking your site in the very first page of Google search results makes or breaks your business.

SEO, a term many have come familiar with, but what does it mean. Yes, you might say “search engine optimization,” but what are you enhancing? Is it the writing, design, or links? In-fact its all of them

SEO simplified can be explained as the art of ranking higher organically (not in the paid section of the search) on search engines. This art includes optimizing online content so that search engines will display it at the top of their search results when people search for specific keywords.

There are three elements in SEO, you, the search engine, and the searcher. If you had an article about “Pink Dragons,” you would want the search engine to show your result first, when someone searches for the term “pink dragons.”

To achieve this, you need to learn the art of SEO to ensure that the search engine would pick your article to display in the top of the results.

However, if you lack the skills and talents to optimize your site, you might consider hiring a professional. Keep following our blog to learn more about how to choose the right SEO agency.

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