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At Miklagard, we have a vision of becoming one of the Nordic region’s leading sustainable digital marketing agencies. As a citizen of the world, we have a responsibility towards our children’s future, and for the well-being of our employees – and last but not least, our customers.

Our vision is closely linked to our mission to help our customers grow their bottom lines through responsible economic growth that considers the social and environmental footprint that we leave in the digital community (power, electricity, server farms, natural resources, etc.). At Miklagard, we train our employees and collaborators to think sustainably from the project start to finish. This provides a framework for the company’s profile and principles, which we live by 7/24/356.

What and why is sustainability in Miklagard?

Sustainability is part of many companies’ 2020/30 – plans. But what does “sustainability” really cover? At Miklagard, it covers but is not limited to, factors such as social sustainability, environmental sustainability, and economic sustainability.

In Miklagard, we choose to focus on specific objectives set out in the UN’s global goals. Our focus is not on challenging or straightforward goals, but where we can make a real difference in everyday lives. Miklagard’s focus is mainly on goals 1, 3, and 16, and then we work on the others where we can make a real difference.

Here is Miklagard’s plan for a sustainable future:

UN World Goal nr. 1 – eliminating all forms of poverty

“Extreme poverty” is a definition used for people living for a personal income of less than $ 1.9 a day, i.e., ca. 13 kroner. Worldwide, there are more than 700 million people still living for less than $ 1.90 a day. These are people who lack access to food, clean drinking water, and sanitation.

This is what Miklagard does to contribute to achieving this goal:

Miklagård donates money to (alternative) projects that fight poverty eradication in the world. In addition, Miklagård, with resources and other forms, support projects and institutions that are making a change to reduce poverty – both in Denmark and the rest of the world.

UN World Goal nr. 3 – health and well-being

Med en voksende tendens inden for branchen at anvende ekstern arbejdskraft, studentermedarbejder og praktikanter, skal der være fokus på bæredygtige rammer der underbygger muligheden for behandling, uddannelse og kampagner for styrket trivsel og sundhed – ikke kun i Danmark men for alle hele verden. Når fx minimumslønninger bliver udbetalt presser det arbejdstiden op og der er mindre tid til sundhed og trivsel. I det store hele ender det ofte at gå ud over børnene, vores kommende generation.

Det Miklagard gør for at bidrage til følgende konkrete handlinger:

Uafhængig om du er ansat på fuldtid, deltid eller som freelancer i Miklagaard, så sikre vi gennem vores digitale ansættelsespakker en over-middel fundamentet for et sundt liv og fremme trivsel for alle aldersgrupper med afsæt i levevilkår, kontrakter og bonuspakker.

UN World Goal nr. 16 – peace, justice and strong institutions

To overcome corruption in life and ensure that we build our society according to our moral codes and values, it is essential to have strong institutions. It is about promoting and developing effective, accountable, and transparent institutions at all levels. At the same time, it is about ensuring institutions are responsive, inclusive, participant-based, and representative decision-making at all levels of society.

This is what Miklagard does to contribute to achieving this goal:

Organizations and institutions such as schools, NGOs, and the like, we at Miklagard support with the development of their digital platform to ensure a unified strengthened institution, and a platform that can foster better communication as part of the vision of more peace and justice. These are concrete actions that enhance communication at all levels and enable discussion and dialogue to take place digitally.

Our digital life

At Miklagard, accountability is a natural part of our business. We have a massive responsibility for the use of technology to help the environment and not burden it, and to teach our future generations about responsibility and respect for the planet and each other. And to listen to our children and learn from them. At Miklagard, we take that responsibility and work purposefully with sustainability. Because we can, so we should.

Sustainability in the office

  • Internally in Miklagard, we minimize our resource consumption.
  • At Miklagard, customers offer our customers only environmentally and energy-friendly products.
  • At Miklagard, we make sustainability demands for everyone we work with.
  • Miklagard develops technology that can reduce energy consumption and climate impact.

Read more about what differentiates Miklagard from our competitors in our company profile, and our Corporate Social Responsibility.

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