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Miklagard with an attitude

In our offices in the heart of Copenhagen, there is always fresh coffee brewing in the pitcher for those who dare to attend a non-obligatory meeting where we discuss how we can help your business. You can read more about our success stories from previous projects in our list of references and get inspired on how we can help you too.

Digital solutions that work in real life

Miklagard is a one-stop-shop in marketing specializing in digital marketing. Our hearts and minds are passionate about everything digital, regardless of media and form. We help companies, organizations, associations, and institutions increase customers and build relationships across the digital platforms. All this is based on our values of honesty, transparency, and professionalism when business, technology, and people meet.

For Team Miklagard it is all about:

  • That we do what we say and deliver what we promise, and are honest in all our work. We are trustworthy at all times, and we advise if we think something is wrong.
  • That we master our skills in our professional disciplines. This creates an internal mindset where we enjoy challenging ourselves and each other, and try new initiatives and continuously acquire new knowledge.
  • Creating relationships between people, business, and technology. We understand each other, customers, and colleagues, even when it’s tough. In this way, we grow together, both professionally and personally.
  • Making a difference for our customers. The effort must live up to the value it creates. It requires us to think and work progressively, agile, and continuously address and ask the right questions – business understanding at all levels.

We are with you right from the initial dialogue to the final delivery with a 360-degree data-driven approach to digital marketing. This way, we ensure that your platform has a direction that is measurable and not based on gut feelings.

We are specialists in digital marketing, but also ordinary people who speak a language you can understand. No sweet talks or beating around the bushes. Only tons of ambition, dedication and hard work on behalf of your business and your digital channels.

How we do things in Miklagard

Miklagard is a flat organization, and it puts a lot of requirements on all Miklagard employees. But it also offers a lot of opportunities, and our corporate philosophy is very different from most jobs.

Miklagard’s philosophy can be summarized in three points:

  1. Macro-management over micro-management.
  2. Principles over procedures.
  3. Trust over control.

In Miklagard, proper management is about being present to everyone and creating a framework for employees and projects to develop. With us, we do not shout loudly to be heard – we are one team that falls and stands together.

Miklagard is at the forefront of developing and improving the digital services that increase your potential customers, push the boundaries of conversion, and break the status quo wherever needed. The foundation Miklagard is based on is solid, and it is created by a team of talented and visionary people who have a responsibility, trust, and opportunities across. We exploit our diversity and strive together to develop ourselves, our business, and our customers.

Read more about what differentiates Miklagard from our competitors in our values about sustainability, and our Corporate Social Responsibility.

Should we be on the same team?

Do we sound like a good match for you and your business, and are you ready for a collaboration where we can help you digitalize further? Call or write to us directly, and you will hear from us.

Do you have a question or do you want to hear more about
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Call us on +45 31 32 60 86

Our phone support is open Monday to Friday from 9.00-16.00

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