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Social Media and Seo Correlation in 2020

“Social Media,” you know you need to be on it if you want to succeed in 2019. Can your activity on Social Media enhance your SEO? This blog will go through the influence of Social Media on your SEO and how you can use it for increasing your traffic volume and rank.


Social Media is not a ranking factor for the SERP. Meaning that you cannot correlate each increase on Social Media to the rise in rank. However, there is a clear correlation between increased activity on your Social Media and your overall position.

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So how can Social Media help your SEO process? Here are three critical opportunities:

1# Social Media and Domain Authority

Domain Authority is one of the most important measures of your online prosperity. The higher your domain authority, the higher your rank is on the SERP. Your site would rank higher than other sites within your field with lower domain authority.

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So how can Social Media help grow your Domain Authority? Well, Domain Authority works like a voting system. However, the catch here is that not all votes are equal. Votes coming from high domain authority sources count for more. Gradually, your Domain Authority increases as you gain more votes (back-links).

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When you publish your content on Social Media, and it gets engagement, it is more likely to get shared. The more shares you get, the more backlinks to your site. If you want your content to go viral on Social Media, you need to focus on quality rather than quantity. Good relevant content is more likely to be shared.

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2# Crawling Social Media Content

Usually, social media content wouldn’t get indexed. But the right kind of content can get crawled and indexed. For content on Social Media like posts and even tweets, to be indexed, they need to be relevant. If your content is related to the search query, it will more likely be indexed.

Crawling relevant content is not the only benefit of activity on Social Media. If one of your pages get a lot of attention on another Social Media platform, it can be indexed faster. For example, a post you shared on Facebook or Instagram will end up getting crawled and indexed more quickly.

  • Anything that goes viral on Social Media will have ripple effects on your website.

So, if you’re focused on getting your site indexed and crawled, Social Media is an excellent method for speeding up the process. Always remember to choose the right platform for your target audience; if your target is videos, you might consider starting with Youtube rather than Facebook.

3# Increase Audience

You probably already know this, Social Media is all about audience size, followers, subscribers, views, likes, etc. Yes, Social Media is excellent for acquiring, growing, and keeping customers.

In a highly competitive market like the one we have today, businesses make real investments to get a piece of the audience. It, therefore, requires real effort and time to capture and grow them.

This is where many business end-up focusing on the wrong metrics and lose out on building an audience. For example, while many followers might seem as success; if they’re not engaging, they’re not useful to you. If your engagement rate is meagre, it can downrank your site.

So building an audience is all about making real connections, real engagements, and a mutual benefit between you and your audience. Where you provide them with what they need, and they support your business in response. Social Media provides the perfect platform for you to engage with your audience, discover what they want, and how they want it.


Social Media can help you grow your audience, increase your Domain Authority and ultimately your rank on the SERP. Knowing which platform to target is key to your success.

When done right Social Media marketing will improve your SEO and consequently, your presence and brand awareness.

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