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Google is criticized for the new design: Organic search results and ads look too similar

According to critics, Google’s search function can be misleading when it’s hard to distinguish between organic search results and ads. According to Google, this must be corrected. It can be hard to tell the difference between organic search results and paid ads when doing a Google search as a regular user. The criticism comes in … Read more

BERT Google Update – Language Algorithm Tutorial – Miklagárd 2020

Google search on iPad

BERT is designed to better understand the distinctions and context of words in searches and better match those queries with more relevant results in search and featured snippets. Keep reading, if you want to know how BERT will affect your search queries or how it will impact your rank on the SERP. What is BERT? … Read more

Googles Confirms Algorithm Updates “Neural Matching” and Local Search Update Nov. 2019

Google Update - Neural Update

Google has just confirmed that they are now using Neural Matching in the process of generating local search results. Neural Matching is a system based on Artifical Intelligence (AI) technology that helps in understanding how words and concepts correlate. Keep reading if you want to find out what this actually means for you and how … Read more

Google Might be Testing Search Results with no URLs

Google Search on Tablet

Google Removing URLs Google has started testing to display search results with no URLs on the SERP. Hence, only website names are shown. For the past months, Google has been experimenting with creating a visually cleaner SERP. Some searchers have been reporting that they’ve seen search results without URLs. Google Testing A Reddit user shared … Read more

Paid media and How To Avoid Paying More Than Gaining (2020 Handbook)

Digital Marketing Strategies - Paid Media

Paid Media allows you to reach audiences that otherwise are not reachable. An effective marketing strategy should include more than one tactic. Therefore good marketers will be able to converge Owned, Paid and Earned Media to create a genuinely disruptive result. This blog will focus on explaining what Paid Media is, examples of them, and … Read more

Increase your Traffic by Understanding What Earned Media is – (2020 Handbook)

Trump using Earned Media

President Trump couldn’t have won the 2016 US presidential elections without Earned Media. Read here how his election campaign capitalized on this opportunity and used it to beat his competitors.  Owned, Paid and Earned Media are all standard terms within Digital Marketing; knowing the difference between them is crucial for any successful marketer. This blog … Read more

Owned Media – Successful Strategy [Don’ts and Do’s in 2020] – Miklagárd

Owned Media Digital Connection on the Globe

Owned Media is often underestimated in comparison to Paid and Earned Media. In digital marketing, there’s always a distinction between Owned Media, Paid Media, and Earned Media. However, the ultimate aim is the same; creating brand awareness, engagement, and conversions. There is much focus on Paid and Earned Media currently, and many marketers focus their … Read more

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