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Webshop and eCommerce store in Denmark 2020

Webshop and eCommerce

Webshop and eCommerce stores have been booming worldwide in 2020, and especially in Denmark. Many factors have been at play to drive this digital growth. However, the most prominent might be the restrictions and lockdowns initiated to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Restriction included social distancing and the lock-down of various businesses. Any business that … Read more

Data protection update | Privacy Sheild Data sharing is invalidated 2020

Data protection update between EU and US

Data sharing pact between the EU and the US has been invalidated by the European Court of Justice. The ruling was based on the inadequate protection of European citizens’ data under the Privacy Sheild data-sharing. This is a major blow to companies that rely on data transfer between the EU-US. Why was the Privacy Sheild … Read more

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