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Trump using Earned Media

Increase your Traffic by Understanding What Earned Media is – (2020 Handbook)

President Trump couldn’t have won the 2016 US presidential elections without Earned Media. Read here how his election campaign capitalized on this opportunity and used it to beat his competitors.  Owned, Paid and Earned Media are all standard terms within Digital Marketing; knowing the difference between them is crucial for any successful marketer. This blog … Read more

Owned Media Digital Connection on the Globe

Owned Media – Successful Strategy [Don’ts and Do’s in 2020] – Miklagárd

Owned Media is often underestimated in comparison to Paid and Earned Media. In digital marketing, there’s always a distinction between Owned Media, Paid Media, and Earned Media. However, the ultimate aim is the same; creating brand awareness, engagement, and conversions. There is much focus on Paid and Earned Media currently, and many marketers focus their … Read more

Owned Paid Earned Media

Owned Media, Earned Media, Paid Media (Understand the difference 2020) – Miklagárd

Owned Paid and Earned Media are all terms that have become very common within today’s Digital Marketing. If you want to devise a successful marketing strategy, you will need to know the difference between them, and more importantly, how to converge them. In this blog, the definition of each and examples will be shared. Keep … Read more

Image showing a landing page

How to Create a Landing Page that Converts

Landing pages are customers’ first impression of your business/services. Your landing page can either increase conversions or in the worst-case increase your bounce rate. There is nothing worse than dedicating time and resources to create the perfect landing page, that sadly doesn’t result in any conversions. In this article, we will give you tips on … Read more

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